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50 Best Blogs for Teen Readers
These blogs touch on a number of topics, from book reviews to the latest news about young adult releases.
  1. TeenReads.com Blog: Teen readers can find all the information they can handle on this site full of reviews, interviews, special features and more.
  2. YA Books Central Blog: This blogger offers interviews, hosts contests and lets you know about the best new reads out there.
  3. **Jacketflap Blog**: Check out this blog to learn about new releases for teens and children.
  4. Book Divas Blog: Those who love to read will find a plethora of great posts here, from book lists to notifications about new releases.
  5. Teens Read and Write: This blog is written by a brother and sister team interested in sharing their enthusiasm about YA fiction reading and writing.
  6. Youth Services Corner: You don't have to be a librarian to appreciate the resources this blog offers.
  7. ReaderGirlz: Female readers will love the posts about books and reading on this blog.
  8. YALSA Blog: While created with librarians in mind, young adult readers will find great book recommendations and information on this blog.
  9. **The Cybils**: Want to know what books were rated top for young adults and children by the blogging community? Then look no further than this blog.
  10. The YA Blogosphere: This blog brings together posts from hundreds of YA reading blogs in one easily accessible place.
Book Reviews
Check out these blogs to get an idea of what might be worth reading and what's probably better off skipped.
  1. The Book Blog: Here you'll find book reviews for teens created by InfoSoup librarians and users.
  2. Richie's Picks: Librarian Richie picks out what he thinks are books worthy of attention on this wiki.
  3. What Bri Reads: Bri uses her blog to share reviews of the young adult books she reads.
  4. YAnnabe: This aspiring young-adult fiction author shares the books she's been reading on her blog.
  5. Semicolon: Check out this blog for book reviews of YA fiction as well as a wide range of other literature.
  6. Book Lover Carol: On this blog, you'll find reviews of young adult and adult fiction from blogger Carol.
  7. Em's Bookshelf: This blog is a great place to find teen book reviews, author interviews and even a few fun contests.
  8. **YA Reads**: Through this blog, you'll not only be able to read reviews but join in a book club, find book lists and a whole lot more.
  9. Young Adult Book Reviews: This blog is just what it sounds like: a whole bunch of young adult book reviews for you to enjoy.
  10. **This Purple Crayon**: Visit this blog to read reviews of children's and young adult literature.
Book Lists and Recommendations
If you're not sure what to read next, these bloggers offer great suggestions.
  1. Reading Rants: Here you'll find a wide range of teen book reviews and book lists.
  2. Flashlight Worthy: When was the last time you read a book that made you want to stay up all night to finish? This blog offers suggestions of books that will do just that.
  3. Teenage Fiction for All Ages: This UK-based blogger shares her love of crime and teenage fiction on her blog.
  4. Chick Lit Teens: If you just can't get enough chick lit, check out this blog for some great recommendations.
  5. The Reading Zone: This blogger encourages young adults to read and offers helpful suggestions on what to pick up.
  6. WORD for Teens: On this blog you'll find selections of young adult literature that these bloggers think are worth reading and talking about.
  7. Book Love: Teen: Here you'll be able to read reviews, get recommendations and enter book contests.
  8. Book Crazy: This mom of two shares her love of the YA genre on this blog.
  9. A Long List: Here you'll get some helpful pointers as to what to get at your local library from, who else, a librarian.
Teen Readers
Hear from other teens on what they like to read through these blogs.
  1. Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm: Self-proclaimed bookworm Faye reviews books on her blog.
  2. YA Book Queen: This 19-year-old blogger loves YA literature and shares reviews and recommendations here.
  3. **read. watch. listen.**: Here you can get reviews of books from real teens.
  4. The Book Cellar: Check out this blog of a high school junior for reviews, news and more.
  5. Valentina's Room: Find loads of reviews on this teen's blog.
  6. About Books: Based in the UK, this teen shares her love of books on her blog, with reviews focusing mostly on teen fiction.
  7. Teens Know Best: Bookmark this blog to read reviews of the latest YA books by boys and girls alike.
  8. The Teen Bibliophile: You'll find all kinds of book reviews, including fantasy books, on this teen's blog.
  9. **Shut Up! I'm Reading**: This blogger judges books by their covers, but provides a little extra information as well for those who are intrigued enough to want to read them.
  10. Simply Books: Megan, a high school senior, writes this blog, full of reviews and information for young female readers.
  11. Addicted to Books: If you're a fellow book addict, then check out this site to find numerous reviews.
Who better to ask about books than a librarian? These blogs are maintained by YA librarians who love their work.
  1. Green Bean Teen Queen: This teen and tween librarian loves to share her recommendations for good reads.
  2. Erin Explores YA: Check out this blog for tips, news and reviews from a YA librarian.
  3. Annie, I Think: This librarian loves to read YA novels and shares her thoughts on that and life in general on this blog.
  4. Reading and Rooibos: Kick back and enjoy some tea and good reads with the reviews provided by this librarian.
  5. Hip Librarians Book Blog: These librarians share hip new reads with their blog readers.
  6. Librarina: Find great books for teens and tweens reviewed and recommended on this site.
  7. YA Librarian Tales: This YA librarian shares what's she's been reading here.
  8. The YA YA YAs: Through this blog you'll get advice from three young adult librarians.
  9. The Cazzy Files: Here, you'll not only find tips on what to read but insights into being a librarian as well.
  10. **YA Book Nerd**: This teen-lit librarian shares reviews and information about new releases here.

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